Fujairah Port Medical Centre – Fujairah Port Medical Center

Fujairah Port Medical Centre

A member of Al Sharq Healthcare

Fujairah Port Medical Centre, established in the year 1993 as a primary healthcare provider exclusively for seafarers under the name of Fujairah Port Clinic. It is located inside Port of Fujairah with dedicated staff available 24 hours to provide continuous medical care. In the year 2017, the clinic was upgraded to a medical centre with various additional medical, dental and pharmaceutical services to serve its local and international shipping clients. It’s empanelled with more than 30 insurance companies and now we are ready to welcome resident’s patients working inside the Port.

  • Comprehensive medical services in port and offshore
  • Specialist Internist Clinic
  • Dental Clinic
  • Outpatient GP Clinic
  • Medical laboratory
  • Radiology (X-ray and Ultrasound)
  • Drug and Alcohol Collection Services (Breath analysis ,Blood and Urine sample collection)
  • Vaccinations (Yellow fever, Cholera, etc.,)
  • Medical Fitness Certifications for Workers & Seafarers
  • Basic First Aid Training (ASHI Certified training facility)
  • Escorting patients to their Home Country
  • For ships at Fujairah Port and Anchorage: Free Radio or email Medical Advice
  • Attendance to Dead at Sea.(complete local clearances from Hospital to Airport)