Marine Pharma – Fujairah Port Medical Center

Marine Pharma

The Ship’s Medicine Supply Company

Marine Pharma FZE is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company which operates from the Port of Fujairah and dealing exclusively in medicine & surgical supplies to ships.

Its medicine store is well stocked with the full range of WHO Scale of Medicine supplies which can be made available for ship’s medicine chest even at short notice. Other Scales viz: MSN, MALTA, Norwegian, SINGAPORE etc…. can also be replenished as per ships requirements.

These 24 hour pharmaceutical services as detailed below are available to all Ports of the UAE (Fujairah, Khorfakan, Jebel Ali, Sharjah, Dubai, Ras Al Khaima and Abu Dhabi).

Medicine Chest Inspection
Pharmacist boards ship for conducting medicine chest inspection and certification (Including life boats and first aid kits)

Medicine Supply
Can supply the whole range of medicines as per Master’s request. Supplies can be arranged to all Ports of UAE delivered to Ship Agents Office.

Expired Medicine Collection and Disposal
Pharmacist boards ship to inspect and bring ashore expired medicines for disposal in compliance to local regulations. Currently this service is only available at the Port of Fujairah.